LiteStep 0.24.6 -

What's Independent LiteStep?

Indie LiteStep is the continuation of the 0.24.6 source while we're awaiting the release of 0.24.7.

Why Indie LiteStep?

After several coders started working on the core it became difficult to coordinate who was doing what, and next to impossible to ensure everyone had up-to-date source. A SourceForge project was started to provide a CVS server for everyone to use.



Please visit for the user manual. Please check out changes.txt for a list of changes not covered by the user manual.

Documentation is also available in .chm format, converted by allelimo:


Want to send us questions/comments/criticism/ideas? You can join our mailing list at the sign-up page. If IRC is more your style we can be found on in #indiestep (also usually #litestep or #lsdev).

There's also a web front-end to file bug reports or to submit patches.


  • Brian Todoroff
  • inform-sega
  • noodge
  • pika
  • [Virus]